LEYF – Market Research

We were commissioned by London Early Years Foundation (LEYF), the UK’s largest childcare charity and social enterprise, to conduct a brand awareness exercise as part of a wider market research strategy to support their advertising campaigning. Over the course of 8 days the team of researchers at CVR surveyed nearly 900 people in specific wards in the London Borough of Southwark to  gain insight into whether local people had heard of, or recognised, the LEYF brand and if so, what were their views. The data collected was analysed using a range of approaches, in order to compile reliable and robust quantitative and qualitative insights. These insight were presented to LEYF in an accessible report, which included observations from the research team, to further assist LEYF wider market research strategy.

We cannot share this report due to client privacy.

‘The Hot Topic’

ClearView Research produced an evaluation report on the impact of a collaborative project between Bite The Ballot and Starbucks UK, called ‘DeCafe’, had on the attendees, who were mainly young people aged 16-25. The evaluation assessed whether the UK-wide project had an impact on the attitudes of attendees towards politics and the EU referendum. The impact was measured on the feedback derived from attendees before and after the event to produce comparative depictions of the attendees attitudes. We conducted case study visits in London, Birmingham and Manchester whereby we observed the entire DeCafe event and conducted in-depth interviews with a few individuals before and after the DeCafe event. We also interviewed the key coordinators of the project’s implementation and management. The evaluation also provided recommendations to both parties (Bite The Ballot and Starbucks UK) as to how the project could be improved for the future and highlighted areas that could be explored in future evaluations.

Please find a viewable copy from here: The Hot Topic: Evaluating DeCafe

‘Local Youth Clubs Today’

We were commissioned by UK Youth, the largest national body for the youth sector, to conduct a comprehensive evaluation, over a duration of  9 months. The evaluation focused on  the social impact of youth groups across the UK today and their sustainability in the youth sector. As part of the evaluation we conducted a national survey of youth workers (that resulted in nearly 800 respondents), case study visits to different types of youth groups across the UK and interviews with young people (both 1-to-1 and focus groups) as well as the youth workers at these youth groups. We also held interviews with key stakeholders (funding bodies, chief executives of local and national youth organisations) and local residents where youth clubs were based.

Please find a downloadable copy here: Local Youth Groups Today: The Value, the Challenge, the Opportunity

‘Just Health’

ClearView Research recently worked collaboratively, with Peer Power, on a consultation inquiry commissioned by NHS England (London Region). As part of the inquiry, we investigated the emotional health of young people that have been through, or currently in, the justice system. To obtain the true experiences of the young people, we conducted solution labs and in-depth one-to-one interviews with young people between the ages of 11-16 connected to different Youth Offending Teams across London to develop case studies. We also facilitated a consultation event with young people and key decision-makers. All the data was analysed thematically in order to compile valid and quality qualitative and quantitative insights. The report was held to high acclaim at the Youth Justice Convention in November 2016.

Please find a downloadable copy here: Just Health: An Enquiry into the Emotional Health and Wellbeing of Young People in the Youth Justice System

‘RCT Evaluation’

ClearView Research were commissioned by Youth Cymru, who are the biggest national youth work charity in Wales, to provide our expertise to support a Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) in relation to a financial education pilot project. This project involved Youth Cymru creating a toolkit to deliver to young people across Wales to improve their understanding of financial education and their ability to manage money and so on. For over a year our impact evaluation team has worked closely with Youth Cymru to ensure the delivery of a successful RCT.

We cannot share this report due to client privacy.